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Making The Allure Brand

Making The Allure Brand

Our Inspiration

Our initial inspiration to create a top-of-the-line mattress brand came from the realization that we could dramatically improve the quality of life for our friends and family who were suffering from a poor sleep. We knew that poor sleep was affecting their happiness, and were determined to create a brand of sleep products that would help. We set out to create a mattress that could give the best sleep possible using the most advanced sleep experience technologies.

mattress sitting on table

Designing the Mattress

We first started our journey by working with notable experts in the field of sleep science. They presented us with key areas of importance for a good night’s sleep, including minimal moisture and heat and maximum body support. With their close guidance, we worked with engineers to construct a mattress that implements these recommendations with the newest technologies.

mattress' internal layers exposed

We applied a CoolLux Cover that promotes airflow in order to wick away moisture, ensuring that the mattress is kept at an optimal temperature and you are comfortable all night.

We also implemented state-of-the-art memory foam that contours to every part of your body in order to reduce pressure points, no matter what type of sleeper you are. This ensures minimal sleeping partner disturbances, while still providing comfort and bounce.

Allure's official brand icon

Creating the Brand

When we began creating our brand, we were focused on creating something that conveyed the luxurious appeal of a great night’s sleep. A large part of our branding process concerned translating an aura of luxury, prestige, and elegance to our name and design.

Teaming up with Northern Commerce, we set out to create our brand identity, which meant first coming up with a brand name. This name needed to exude luxury. Many of our team members stated that once they tried out the mattress, they did not want to get out of bed - and when they did, they couldn’t wait to get back. We considered how we could incorporate this feeling of attraction, the feeling of being drawn to something. After many hours of brainstorming, the name “Allure” really spoke to us, perfectly capturing this feeling of luxury and attraction that a sound night’s sleep evokes.

list of different allure logos

Creating the Brand Logo

When creating the logo for Allure Sleep, we wanted to design a logo that truly represented the essence of our brand. We knew that our high-quality material set us apart and offered an unmatched sleeping experience, so it was important that our logo highlighted how luxurious the Allure experience is. We were determined to emphasize how customers would feel like kings and queens when they sleept on an Allure mattress. Once again working with Northern, we designed a logo that was delicate and finely detailed, and captured the feeling of elegance and luxury that had quickly become the cornerstone of our brand.

list of Allure sleep logos with different graphics

Second list of allure logos with different graphics

Our Mission

We hold ourselves to the highest standard possible, and our team is extraordinarily excited to present our luxury mattress line. We’ve created a mattress that allows you to rest assured knowing that you’re getting the best sleep experience from a high-quality mattress - risk-free and delivered straight to your door. Our team has been fortunate to collaborate with the best and brightest in the fields of design and sleep science to create a brand we are confident will impress anyone looking for the best night’s sleep they’ve ever had.

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 We hope you enjoy your mattress as much as we enjoyed creating it, so you can make every morning a good morning!